First Ladies: A Biographical Dictionary (Space, Place, and Society)

Book cover image for First Ladies: A Biographical Dictionary (Space, Place, and Society)
  • ISBN:0816041954
  • Author(s):Dorothy Schneider, Carl J. Schneider
  • Publisher:Facts on File
  • Publication date:2001-09-01
  • Edition:--
  • Binding:Hardcover
  • Volume(s):1
  • Pages:416


This biographical dictionary covers all who have held this esteemed "office," including current First Lady Laura Bush. An in-depth introductory essay traces the history of the first lady, including changes in the conception of what a president's wife should do and be, and how these perceptions have been affected by changes in society overall. The book also offers intriguing vital statistics, such as presidents who had no wives during their presidencies, wives who devoted themselves to purely domestic duties, and wives who died during their husbands' terms in office.

Arranged chronologically by term of presidency, each biographical entry includes a detailed biography with an emphasis on life during the presidency, a chronology, and suggestions for further reading about that first lady.